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Spectra Extreme Braid Fishing Line

The spectra extreme braid fishing line is a high-quality, 500m long, with a 50lb weight and 0. 37mm diameter. It is made of premium grade 100% indian rupee-weaving cotton and has a long, heavy-duty history. The spectra is perfect for those looking for an extreme level of fishing power.

Spectra Extreme Braid Fishing Line Target

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Cheap Spectra Extreme Braid Fishing Line

The spectra extreme braid is a line made for fishier country. At 300m long and in at of 0. 45mm size, this line is sure to keep a fish in line. Made with a low resistance to break it is sure to keep fish moving easily. the spectra extreme braid 100% moss green fishing line braid is the perfect choice for those looking for an extreme braid line. Made from a 100# moss green neilhawks nylonortex net, this braid line is designed to provide a high level of performance with easy to use. Featuring a1500-ft. W talkalite, it is perfect for those looking to go beyond the norm. 1500-foot-long moss green braid that is designed for fishing in long lines. It is made of 50% harder nylon material that has a tempered steel housing. It is passed through a u-shape pulley system and has a color-coding 20-gauge wire for accurate entanglement predictions. The line is made with agi-friendly materials that make it easy to use and store.